About Interlink

Interlink Diagnostics is a Pathology laboratory that specializes only in Dermatic Pathology, in partnership with Oklahoma Dermatopathology. At Interlink we provide our clients with the highest level of expertise & reliability in Pathology, reflecting our commitment to patient care above and beyond the industry standard.

Biopsies sent to our laboratories are processed accurately and efficiently by histolotechnologists with more than 100 years of combined experience. All of our technicians are HT ASCP certified.

Our clients enjoy the benefits of 24 hour turnaround service for most biopsies and stains, as these are always prepared in our own laboratory.

Slides we prepare are read by our own Dermatopathologist. The trusted, clinical knowledge of Dr. Paul S. Gillum, MD, Board Certified in both Dermatopathology & Dermatology, is an invaluable resource to our clients. Consultations and treatment options are always available.

For our client's convenience, we offer both client & Patient Billing and are Medicaid approved. At Interlink, we believe our client's relationship with their patients is of the utmost importance. For that reason, our billing is very patient friendly. We will not penalize a patient for being out of network.